A Complete Guide to Short-Term Braces

What are short-term braces?

short term braces dental

Short term braces are similar to regular braces in a couple of ways. They both use wires and brackets to move your teeth into place. However, these brackets are wires are clear so they blend in easily with your mouth and teeth. In addition, they are barely noticeable and much more comfortable than traditional braces.

By using low force, teeth move more comfortably and much quicker than regular braces.

Advantages of 6-Month Orthodontics

There are many advantages to 6-month orthodontics:

6-Month Orthodontics Fix Your Smile Faster

The biggest benefit is the amount of time. Regular braces can take as long as two to four years in order to give yourself a perfect 10/10 smile. Short-term braces can have your smile looking great in as little as six months.


Fewer Orthodontic Visits

Because your treatment time is so much shorter, you’ll need fewer visits to see the orthodontist! Who doesn’t need more time in their busy life? Save trips to and from the orthodontist’s office as well as treatment time! Start enjoying your new smile sooner.


They Cost Less

In addition to the shorter treatment time and fewer visits to the orthodontist, they simply cost less. That means that not only does it take you less time, but it also takes less money and you benefit! At Jack Nagrani Dentistry we provide the best in short-term braces, giving you a smile you love faster than you ever thought possible.


Short-Term Braces in Hanford

Getting short-term braces in Hanford, CA is easier than ever! We offer a range of convenient appointment times to get you and your smile where you want to be! If you are ready to have your smile taken to the next level, give us a call at Jack Nagrani Dental. We can’t wait to see you!


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