Short-Term Braces in Hanford, CA

Are your teeth denying you that perfect smile you’ve been looking for?

Well, you may take advantage of short-term braces to give both your teeth and smile a proverbial facelift. We understand that most people are preoccupied with busy schedules and only desire that the straight teeth appear in the shortest time possible. Indeed, technological advancements in orthodontics have made it possible for such operations to be accomplished only in months by presenting short-term braces.

This is even more important because many individuals have an issue with this form of orthodontic treatment in Hanford, CA.  That is what makes short-term orthodontics or short-term braces a great option for adults who suffer from misaligned teeth.

The Value of Orthodontics

Braces are the most recognized orthodontic treatment. However, traditional braces can take up to 24 months or more to fully correct issues with your alignment. Because of this length of time, many adults will refuse the long-term orthodontic procedure. Short-term orthodontics, on the other hand, can improve your smile in as little as six months.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Orthodontics

Both long-term and short-term orthodontics offer a selection of braces and materials to help correct misalignment. However, the goals of short-term and long-term orthodontics differ. With the traditional, long-term treatment, the cosmetic realignment of your teeth occurs. However, the remainder of your treatment focuses on correcting your root alignment as well. (In dental circles, this is referred to as altering the angle classification.)

With short-term orthodontics, the goal is to correct the cosmetic tooth alignment alone. This improves your alignment; offers many of the benefits of a long-term solution in almost a quarter of the time.

Short-term orthodontics employs lower force to help correct your tooth alignment, often making the process feel less stressful and reducing your appointments’ length. Short-term orthodontics are also more budget-friendly, making them a better financial option for families across the country.

Well, we now see, the name speaks volumes. These are braces used in orthodontics to foster teeth realignments in a short period. In essence, short-term braces have only been adopted in the orthodontics industry for a brief time since their inception into the market. Short-term braces are mechanically structured for exclusive realignment of the front teeth (both top and bottom). This explains why their visibility is never compromised when you smile. In particular, short-term braces have become a popular tool among dentists as they don’t require intensive processes for orthodontists to install. In most cases, this will either be presented as pre-assembled or prefabricated kits.

The Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the type of dentistry used to help correct teeth and jaw positions that may lead to more serious issues. True, long-term orthodontics has increased benefits. However, by simply improving the part of the teeth, you can reap several benefits too. For example, those who need orthodontics but do not receive treatment are more likely to suffer from:

  • Periodontal and Gum Disease;
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders;
  • Halitosis;
  • Headaches; or
  • Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain

When your teeth are properly aligned, they make oral hygiene much easier. This reduces the likelihood of developing bad breath, decaying teeth, and more. It also helps your jaw sit in its proper position because it no longer has to compensate for ill-fitting teeth.

How Do Short-Term Braces Work?

The working mechanism of short-term braces is very simple and a little bit similar to conventional braces. They greatly rely on the arch wires and brackets held on your teeth fronts.

Unlike conventional braces, short-term braces initiate the teeth realignment process by sending off the molds of the teeth then pre-packaged inside a custom-made tray (usually molded) that is in line with the desired teeth structure and shape.

The custom tray is then well-fitted inside your mouth, and the arch-wire is put to a series of adjustments to ensure that it meets the structural design you desire. You may be wondering how likely it is to adjust your teeth alignment within a short time using short-term braces. Well, the dentist choosing to use short-term braces will also apply some of the latest technologies and techniques to get the job done.

The process is quick and extremely safe, even among the adult populace. In particular, the major element of the short-term braces technology is to ensure the effective use of a set of unique and clear braces while dedicating all focus to straightening your teeth alignment to ensure that you present the best smile.

Why You Should Choose Short-Term Braces

Many people indeed get disappointed with most of the orthodontic procedures because of the time frame involved in such operations and their teeth will have a wore fitted. In essence, conventional wire braces used to take at least 24 months to ensure that the misaligned or crooked teeth are properly aligned.

What if you have a procedure that will align your teeth to the correct position within the shortest time possible? Well, short-term braces have come as the most effective solution for you. They’re fast, very reliable, and highly effective solutions that will leave you with strong, straight, perfect, and healthy teeth in Hanford, CA with an elegant smile in less than six months.

Smile More with Dr. Jack Nagrani

At the dental offices of Dr. Jack Nagrani D.D.S., we offer clear bracket and wire systems, as well as clear aligners. In keeping with short-term orthodontic philosophies, these systems work to correct the position of your teeth effortlessly. Because we use the most advanced orthodontic materials available today, you can smile more with Dr. Jack Nagrani Hanford, California.

If you are in the Hanford, CA area, the dental offices of Dr. Jack Nagrani D.D.S. offer both short- and long-term orthodontics. Contact us today to learn more about the orthodontic treatments you need with Dr. Jack Nagrani today! We are always pleased to set an appointment, help you get started, and offer the consultation and procedures that help you get where you want to be in your dental journey.

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