Braces Aren’t What They Used to be – Here is Why

Braces have long been the most disliked aspect of utilizing dentistry to straighten/fix your smile. With modern advancements, the process timeline has been drastically reduced, making severe discomfort and aching is a thing of the past.

In as little as six months, your Hartford dentist at Jack Nagrani Dentistry can give you the same results that braces have been displaying for years, now through an entirely different method. Clear brackets, wiring systems, and clear aligners all comprise the method behind short term braces, a revolution for both teenagers and adults.

The Downside of Traditional Braces

Traditional braces come with numerous downsides, including self-esteem issues, increased costs for colored metals, and feelings of inadequacy. With clear, six-month braces, you’ll be able to enjoy your smile from start to finish, without having to worry about first impressions or feeling embarrassed.

The Upside of Braces

On average, patients spend less than traditional braces. With fewer introductory costs and less tightening appointments, you save time and money. When you hear the word “braces,” you don’t have to shudder at memories from your teenage year anymore.

Braces are definitely not what they used to be. Utilizing new methods gives you the following benefits:

  • Treatment that’s actually affordable
  • Straighter teeth in six months
  • Discreet, clear brackets
  • Confidence when smiling
  • Fixed crossbites
  • And more


Eliminating the stress, concern, extra appointments, and years of commitment are just a few of the benefits. See why thousands of Americans are siding on new dental technology to get the results they’ve always wanted, without nearly half as much of the hassle.

Six-month braces are simple to obtain after a consultation with your Hartford dentist to decide if they’re a proper fit for your lifestyle and current dental needs. Online tools are available to determine your eligibility and expected cost, but there is no way to know for certain until you schedule a consultation with your Hartford dentist at Jack Nagrani Dentistry to discuss your options.


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