Top Reasons Why You Should See an Emergency Dentist

A bad tooth can ruin the entire gum and mouth. An unchecked issue can cause you so much trauma that you will lose your beautiful smile and your gums and other teeth. While it is normal to visit a dentist every couple of months for regular checkups, some dental issues need emergency dental care. Even a normal dental issue can quickly become a dental emergency, such as a lost filling. This article will discuss why you need to see an emergency dentist and where to go for urgent dental care in Hanford, CA.

Why See an Emergency Dentist?

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Accidents, slip and falls, and sports-related injuries are some of the leading causes of dental emergencies in the United States. You may find yourself experiencing unbearable pain that compels you to seek the intervention of a Hanford dentist. As such, you will need to book an appointment with an emergency dentist immediately. Dr. Jack Nagrani’s dental office is one of the first stops for dental emergency patients in Hanford, CA. Below are the top reasons you may find yourself seeking Dr. Jack Nagrani’s emergency dental services at his Hanford family dental center;


  • You were involved in a car accident. You may not know what injuries an accident causes by just examining yourself. After an accident, it is important to go for an examination which involves checking bones and skulls for fractures and teeth for any signs of damage.
  • You got hurt during sport. Maybe you are not a professional sportsperson but occasionally play with your children or friends. Whether it is football or swimming, a ball hitting your mouth can leave you with a couple of damaged teeth. Make an appointment with Hanford’s emergency dentist for immediate examination and treatment.
  • Your dental crowns and fillings have served their time. Every cosmetic dental procedure has a time limit. Between every 5-15 years, you will need to replace. If you forget and notice sudden wear and tear, or damage, or start experiencing severe tooth pain, it is time to go for an emergency dental service.
  • You have not visited a local dentist for over 6 months. Your teeth require special care, just like your body. Good oral hygiene requires you to see a dentist every 6 months for checkups and treatment of any issues affecting your dental health. If you delay these trips to the dentist, you could develop serious dental health complications that will send you to the dentist’s emergency room. If you have decaying teeth that have developed into an abscess, you need to call an emergency dentist within your area code for urgent dental care.

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Book an appointment with your dental clinic if any of these happens to you.

Loose tooth

The healthy teeth of adults should be firm enough to eat hard food, shape speech, and create beautiful smiles. If you have a loose tooth, you could be having an injury. Your natural teeth can get injured on various occasions, and what you should do as soon as your tooth becomes wiggly is seek emergency dental care as soon as possible before the knocked-out tooth becomes a missing tooth or cause gum infections. A reputable urgent care dentist like Dr. Jack Nagrani will give you personalized care when examining and treating your loose teeth to ensure you get back your strong and sturdy teeth the same day. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures he uses to preserve teeth that are falling out include;

  • gentle compassionate extractions
  • dental implants

Dr. Jack Nagrani’s expertise does not end at treating the bad tooth but also checking for any jaw damage and nerve issues that could have resulted from the trauma and treating it in a single emergency room visit.

Inflammation and severe tooth pain

One of your dental goals should be to maintain great oral health by attending to your teeth as soon as they develop issues. Damaged teeth can easily develop an infection and cause gum inflammation or spread to other teeth. Sometimes the affected tooth may need extraction services, and this is where Dr. Jack Nagrani’s sedation dentistry expertise comes in handy. This skill helps him provide symptom relief by conducting same-day dentistry emergency treatment such as root canal, tooth extraction, and surgery. Dr. Nagrani’s emergency care service included root canals endodontics for existing or new patients with infections and decay.

Filling problems

Cracks, discoloration, and sensitive teeth signify that your dental filling needs replacement. Check the date for your replacement, and even if it is not yet time, these signs of problems with your filling can worsen and even damage your natural teeth and gums further if you do not act fast. If you had a metal filling, you might start tasting it in your mouth. This taste can cause poisoning and requires emergency dentistry. Dr. Jack Nagrani offers emergency dental care in Hanford, CA, and is a great help.

Broken tooth

A broken or chipped tooth communicates one thing – tooth damage. It is not normal for your healthy teeth to have this kind of damage. Teeth could break because of accidents, while chipped teeth could result from overstayed filling. Call an emergency dentist immediately for help.

Have a dental emergency in Hanford, CA? Dr. Jack Nagrani can handle all your dental emergencies

foods that are good for your teethAny local dentist can offer sedation dentistry, but it matters a lot. Your mouth is a very sensitive and private area that needs customized care. Dr. Jack Nagrani’s dental practice handles on-call dental cases as well as walk-ins. He is one of the few Hanford dentists who offer same-day dentistry to new patients who send a mobile message to his cell phone number.

Rest assured that all your dental health issues will be fixed as if you are the only patient in his emergency room. And, of course, his emergency dental services are available outside business hours. You can schedule an appointment as a new patient online, visit his Hanford address Hanford CA 93230, make a call, or leave him a mobile message. Your cell phone carrier sets the data rates you use to schedule an online appointment or check his previous work.

Of course, he does not work alone and therefore has a team that will receive you, give you his office’s reply, and welcomes you when you go for emergency dental care. His dental office is strategically positioned to serve patients around Hanford, and the surrounding communities. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Hanford, CA, call Dr. Nagrani on (559) 422-6027 to schedule an appointment or visit his dental office at Hanford CA 93230 for same-day dentistry.

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