What Should Be in Your Dental Travel Kit This Summer?

Everybody wants to get away from their daily routine during the summer, but a few routines should definitely travel with you — dental health is an everyday necessity. Just like taking the medications your family practitioner prescribes, trust Dr. Jack Nagrani when he says that maintaining your dental routine will prevent a sudden interruption to your fun.


Packing Your Travel Dental Kit

packaging dental kit ca

Toothbrush (with travel case) and toothpaste — Small, travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes are available at almost any grocery or drug store. Look for an ADA seal of approval and, if traveling with children, avoid whitening toothpaste — many contain abrasives too strong for little teeth.

Floss — Brushing is a great start but flossing daily really cleans the space between your teeth.

Tongue Scraper — Bad breath is a killer when making new friends. Tongue scrapers remove bacteria that causes bad breath. After brushing, just run the head of the scraper over the surface of your tongue. Light pressure is enough and be sure to rinse it when you’re done.

Proxabrush — If you have braces, you know they can make keeping teeth clean a real pain. The proxabrush has a handle like a toothbrush and a cone-shaped head of fine bristles — some come with several head sizes so you can experiment for the best fit. Use it after brushing to remove additional leftover food debris.

Floss Threader — Flossing can be a challenge if you wear braces. A threader helps get the floss behind your braces and between your teeth.


Keeping Good Dental Health Even On Vacation

You’ve heard it so many times you’re probably sick of it. Well, good habits are the most important components of your travel dental kit. Better to be sick of hearing it than sick from it:

Brush twice a day for at least two minutes — and, remember, you’re massaging, not scraping barnacles!

Floss then rinse once a day.

Go easy on the junk food but enjoy the local cuisine and have fun — after all, you’re on vacation!


Don’t Vacation from your Dental Health

Most dental problems can be avoided by good tooth care habits, including two visits to your dentist every year. At your Hanford family dentist office, you’ll always be treated with respect and courtesy — like family (well, the ones we like). Dental emergencies are always treated that same day (if we’re open) and we always consider your overall health — not just your teeth and gums. Contact us today or set an appointment online for all your family’s dental needs.

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