Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth and gums result from excellent oral hygiene; they make it easy for you to eat well and boost your confidence.

Undermining dental hygiene is a recipe for severe oral issues. However, by paying attention to your dental health, you can avoid several tooth problems, like tooth decay and plaque formation.

Maintaining good oral health doesn’t stop with brushing twice a day and regular flossing. You can adopt several practices to boost and protect your oral health.

Lack of proper dental care and treatment could cause significant pain, tooth loss, and decreased self-confidence. Thus, this article highlights effective practices to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Practical Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

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Brush Regularly and Correctly

Most people know brushing twice a day is an excellent oral health practice. However, you may adopt this habit and not get the desired result. Brushing may only be effective if you do it correctly.

Experts at Jack Nagrani Dentistry recommend using small circular motions while brushing, brushing the front, back, and top of every tooth. Avoid using force while brushing.



Aggressive brushing or using a hard toothbrush can damage the tooth enamel, gums, and soft tissues in the mouth. Most dentists advise brushing with soft-brittle brushes and replacing them every three months.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Dentists believe fluoride helps prevent cavities; hence, its presence in toothpaste and mouthwash. Studies show that fluoride deficiency can cause tooth decay, even if you take excellent care of your teeth.

Likewise, a review found that regular brushing and flossing won’t prevent an individual from getting cavities if they don’t use fluoride.

Floss Once a Day

Flossing helps to expel plaque and bacteria from between the teeth, reaching places where a toothbrush may not. Perhaps you don’t see the connection between flossing and oral hygiene; decayed food particles stuck between the teeth may affect your breath and cause other issues.

Our family dentists at Jack Nagrani Dentistry recommend carefully pushing the floss down to the gum line before moving it up and down. Avoid rapid motions while flossing to prevent damaging your gums.

Visit a Dentist Regularly

We recommend scheduling dental checkups at a trusted dental center twice a year. During the visit, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove tartar and plaque.

The dentist will also check for signs of cavities, mouth cancer, gum disease, and other dental health issues.

A recent study showed scheduling dental appointments twice a year is essential to prevent cavities and maintain excellent oral health in children and adolescents. However, adults who practice good dental hygiene may visit less frequently.

Perhaps you reside in Hanford, California, and seek impeccable dental services; contact Jack Nagrani Dentistry at 559-422-6027. We have the resources to offer you and your whole family complete and customized care.

Avoid Smoking, Tobacco Chewing, and Alcohol

Smoking is a habit that significantly detriments oral health, and it weakens the body’s immune system, making it difficult to heal damaged tissues, including those in the mouth.

Smoking also causes tartar/plaque build-up, tooth discoloration, tooth loss, and oral cancer. Similar to alcohol intake, chewing tobacco can negatively affect your dental health.

Alcohol dries the mouth, decreasing saliva production and enabling bacteria and plaque to build up in the mouth. The consequence of smoking on your dental health can significantly affect your smile and confidence.

Don’t Forsake Your Tongue

Plaque can build up on the tongue too, and it can cause bad breath, among other dental health problems. Ensure you brush your tongue whenever you brush your teeth. Some toothbrushes feature soft brittles at the back to help you with this action. However, you can get a tongue scraper specifically for this purpose.

Switch to Electric and Use Mouthwash

Electric brushes perform better than manual ones. They perform excellently regarding plaque removal, reducing the chances of gum disease.

Likewise, mouthwash promotes dental hygiene by reducing acidity in the mouth and cleaning places toothbrushes and floss can’t reach. Note that mouthwash doesn’t substitute for brushing and flossing but complements them.

We recommend rinsing your mouth with mouthwash at least twice daily. Swish the mouthwash in your mouth for about 30 seconds, then expel and avoid eating or drinking for at least 20 minutes for a lasting effect.

Helpful Ways to Maintain Your Teeth Healthy

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Here are some ways to maintain your natural teeth clean and healthy:

  1. Brush teeth gently on all sides using a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste. Remember to replace your toothbrush quarterly.
  2. Use small circular motions alongside gentle back-and-forth motions.
  3. Brush carefully along the gum line.
  4. Lightly brush your tongue or clean it with a tongue scraper.
  5. Use dental floss to rid food particles from between your teeth.
  6. Rinse your mouth after flossing.

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Your oral habits influence your oral health; even the most committed brushers require regular dental checkups. Avoid delaying visits to your dentist and follow up with excellent dental practices.

Though visiting the dentist can be intimidating, especially for a significant dental issue, we do our best to make you comfortable and deliver impeccable service at Jack Nagrani Dentistry. Contact our office at 559-422-6027 to schedule an appointment.

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