Dangers of Whitening Your Teeth at Home

We have all seen the at-home whitening kits sold in stores across America. However, when it comes to whitening your teeth, you should stick with a professional for teeth whitening in Hanford.

Dangers of At-Home Tooth Whitening

teeth whitening at home

When you use an at-home whitening kit, you put yourself in more danger than you realize.

  • Damages enamel

At-home whitening kits are often marketed as only taking minutes to work. While some products may do this, the truth is that at-home kits often contain chlorine dioxide. (Professional tooth whitening does not use this.) This ingredient is used to strip stains from the surface of your teeth. However, it does this at the expense of your enamel. As it erodes your enamel, it puts you are risk for much more serious dental problems.

  • Damages gums

Hydrogen peroxide is often used in at-home whitening kits as well. Levels of 0.1% or less are deemed acceptable, however, many brands use more than this. When hydrogen peroxide is used in concentrations over 0.1%, it can actually burn your gums or cause them to recede. This can make your teeth more sensitive. In severe cases, it can also lead to the loss of your teeth.

  • Chemical burns

Have you ever used an at-home whitening kit that required the use of a mouthguard? These products help to prevent the chemical gel from being accidentally applied elsewhere. While the goal of the mouth guard is to minimize the chance of burns, they only come in one size. Since every mouth is different, this seldom works and the mouth guard may not fit well enough to secure the chemicals. Kits with strong chemicals can cause serious burns.

  • Illness

An ill-fitting mouthguard can lead to more than just chemical burns. Whether the primary ingredient is high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or not, chemicals that leak into your throat can cause other side effects. This can include burns to your throat, stomach, and gut. Ulcers, vomiting, and other side effects may occur if enough of your at-home whitener is swallows.

  • Infections

Chemical burns or irritations can become infected easily. This is because open wounds in your mouth have an increased chance of coming into contact with any bacteria present. Did you know that your tongue and crevices between your teeth can contain excessive amounts of bacteria if not brushed correctly?

Teeth Whitening in Hanford, CA

If you are in the Hanford, CA area and want to invest in a whiter smile, Dr. Jack Nagrani can help. As a professional with years of experience, Dr. Nagrani can ensure your smile is whitened safely. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we offer including teeth whitening in Hanford. 


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