What You Need to Know About Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened in Hanford

Are you displeased with the color of your teeth? Have you seen the commercials urging you to take the “tissue test,” only to find your teeth far more yellow than the average napkin? Maybe you have tried to whiten your teeth through whitening toothpaste or whitening strips, but they didn’t whiten them well enough. If you are wondering about other options for teeth whitening in Hanford, look no further!

After going through the many options for teeth whitening, you may be looking for professional teeth whitening services in Hanford. Professional teeth whitening processes have become so common across the United States that almost every dentist will be able to provide you with options.

What Options Are Available For Professional Teeth Whitening in Hanford

whitened teeth in hanford

There are two common services offered for professional teeth whitening in Hanford. The first is through a whitener applied to a mouth-tray you put in your mouth overnight. The tray is filled with a paste, usually composed of a peroxide-bleaching agent, that sticks the tray to your teeth. Wearing this tray overnight over a period of weeks will whiten the teeth.

There are also in-office whitening options as well. This is, without competition, the quickest way to whiten teeth. This involves the application of a whitening paste to the teeth, which is then baked on to the teeth through heat, usually through laser light. The teeth will usually be much whiter after one session. Several sessions make them even whiter.

Though in-office treatments are generally the quickest way to whiten the teeth, there is a corollary that needs to be stated: the whitening agent will react to outside chemicals much the same way that normal, unwhitened teeth do. So, if you are a heavy coffee drinker or a smoker, your whitened teeth will be stained as well and you will need more treatments.

If you are interested in getting professional teeth whitening in Hanford, go to your dentist and see your options.


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