Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned Before Whitening?

A smile will enhance any outfit. It’s the first thing everyone else sees when they meet you. Unsurprisingly, you’d want a perfect smile for your friends, colleagues, and clients. Your teeth can easily discolor when you eat certain foods, drink a lot of coffee, or you smoke often. If you get discolored teeth for whatever reason, Dr. Jack Nagrani offers professional whitening and caters to all your dental needs.

When you visit our dental office in Hanford, CA, expect a beautiful smile by first getting professional cleaning before getting your teeth whitened. Teeth cleaning results better when you have stains, plaque, or tartar.

Benefits of teeth cleaning before whitening in Hanford, CA?

teeth cleaning before teeth whitening

Find out why Dr. Nagrani recommends teeth cleaning for you and your family. Here are the following benefits. 

Clears plaque from your teeth.

Brushing your teeth regularly removes food particles from your mouth. However, some particles will linger no matter how regularly you brush your teeth. Together with your saliva, these particles mix with bacteria to create dental plaque.

After some time, the plaque hardens and becomes tartar. These yellowish or brownish deposits form either on the surface of your teeth or inside your gums.

Before you get in-office whitening, you need to go for teeth cleaning. Plague and tartar can cause gum disease, tooth discoloration, and bad breath. A dentist will examine the tartar and plaque before the whitening procedure.

Makes it easy to find cavities and decay.

Teeth cleaning makes it easy to find all the cavities, decays, or periodontal diseases. Dr. Nagrani checks the tooth surfaces as he performs the cleaning procedure for any defects using specialized tools.

If you have dental fillings or any restorative procedures, the dentist will correct them before proceeding with whitening. The procedure does not affect your dental fillings or procedures.

Removes food particles.

Most of us eat all the time – whether a snack, coffee, or main meals. Eating before leaving the dentist’s office or even on your way there is not surprising.

Getting a clean before whitening ensures you get the best results. Next time you visit a dental office for a whitening procedure, insist on getting your teeth cleaned first for a brighter smile.

Allows even whitening.

Your teeth will likely have debris, food particles, plaque, or tartar coating the surface. If your teeth are whitened with all these foreign materials, you will have uneven coloration – some spots will be whiter than others.

One of the effects of poor oral hygiene is inflamed gums. The inflamed gums will only worsen if you proceed with whitening before cleaning – whether you are getting whitening trays or regular whitening.

Visit Dr. Nagrani for deep cleaning a few weeks before your whitening procedure for the best results.

Gets rid of all tooth stains.

Your eating habits and lifestyle play a significant role in staining your teeth. Some types of food encourage bacteria that erode and stain your enamel. Smoking is also bad for teeth.

Most dentists in practice encourage you to get spot cleaning to remove stains on your teeth before whitening. To remove stains from your teeth, visit Dr. Jack Nagrani today! The complete process has many benefits for your teeth, with long-lasting effects.

Prevents the Need for Teeth Whitening.

Preventative measures are way better than letting your teeth stained. You’ll save much more with a regular clean than whitening trays or procedures. Dr. Nagrani recommends teeth washing procedures at least twice a year for adults and kids. Make it frequent if you have gum inflammation.

Regular dental washing at the best dental clinic in Hanford, CA, will make your teeth naturally clean and eliminate stains that require gels and whitening trays.

Risks of Teeth Whitening Before Cleaning

a woman brushing her teeth

The teeth whitening process is usually safe in the hands of a qualified dentist. However, some patients experience problems when they get teeth whitening services before cleaning. Some of the most common issues when you whiten in such a state include:

Gum Inflammation

Some dental whitening products have hydrogen peroxide, which can cause gum problems. However, the irritation is temporary. Most patients are okay after a short wait.

Our Hanford family dentist uses safe products for all its procedures to deliver brighter smiles with minimal patient discomfort. Book an appointment for you or your family to see why all our clients refer us.

Uneven coloring

Have you had a dental procedure done on your teeth on previous visits like filling, whitening trays using gel, veneers, etc.? These artificial additions will likely maintain their color while the surrounding teeth whiten.

Schedule an appointment with us for all answers to your questions. We check and inspect your teeth, get impressions for any trays, and have the entire procedure explained to our patients before the next visit.

Tooth sensitivity

It’s not uncommon to develop tooth sensitivity after a whitening procedure. That’s why you need professional cleaning to identify tooth defects such as cracked enamels, receding gums, etc.

Jack Nagrani Dentistry offers professional cleaning and remedies for tooth sensitivity so you can enjoy your meals. Get in touch with us today!

Looking for Teeth Cleaning Services in Hanford, CA? Book an Appointment With Our Dental Office

Professional teeth cleaning is one of the best ways to maintain oral hygiene and prevent tooth stains, cavities, and decay. Dr. Jack Nagrani recommends tooth cleaning twice yearly to maintain a healthy and bright smile.

Need teeth whitening or other dental procedures in Hanford, CA, such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dental care, plus other features? Get in touch with the best dentist in Hanford, CA today.

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