How Does Sugar Affect Your Dental Health?

What Are The Effects of Sugar on Teeth?

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We’ve heard it for decades, sugar causes cavities and other dental problems.

It’s settled science: Teeth are living tissue; they age and cavities or other problems develop for many reasons. Reducing processed sugar consumption reduces the odds that you’ll suffer tooth decay and lengthens the healthy life of your teeth. If you already need cosmetic dental services, Dr. Jack Nagrani and his staff of professionals stand ready to help. If not, he’ll help you keep them that way.


How Sugar Causes Cavities

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First, we need to understand that sugar isn’t the enemy, it’s actually the fuel your body burns like gasoline in a car. However, it is also one link (the one you can best control) in a chain of potentially negative events. Simplify put:

“Your mouth is a battleground” is an old saying, and very true. Bacteria thrive in the warm, moisture of your oral cavity. Many species are beneficial; they assist digestion by producing acids that break down sugar and other foods. That acid can also break down the protective enamel surface of your teeth by removing healthy minerals. Minerals in your saliva, in fluoridated water, and other sources, rebuild your enamel.

If you eat too much sugar, your bacteria produce more acid and your enamel loses more minerals than natural processes can replace. When the softer, inner layers of your teeth are exposed to digestive acids, cavities can form. Over time, cavities grow (by this same process) resulting in pain and potential tooth loss.


Fighting Tooth Decay and Erosion

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The battle is winnable. Sugars that naturally occur in a healthy diet are enough for your body’s needs. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily will help keep the balance — and clean teeth do wonderful things for your breath! Mineral supplements may help ensure your body has enough calcium and other ingredients to rebuild the unavoidable loss of enamel.

At Dr. Jack Nagrani’s practice, patients are treated with respect and courtesy. Dr. Jack will give you his best advice on available remedies then respect your decision on treatment. He’ll share the latest research on how to keep your teeth at their healthiest and deal with decay or erosion as it happens. Contact Dr. Jack Nagrani today for information about our services, insurance plans, and related matters or just book an appointment for your medical or cosmetic treatment today. You’ll be thanking us for years to come.

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