High Blood Pressure in the Dental Office

It seems like the most recognizable physical feeling in a dentist’s office: the chair tips back, your blood pressure climbs. Is that dangerous or just a natural reaction to what you are experiencing?

As it turns out, high blood pressure in any situation, let alone the dentist’s office, can be problematic. There are numerous reasons why dentists are beginning to include blood pressure reading devices in their offices to ensure that it doesn’t climb to high. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most common reasons are listed below.

doctor checking blood pressureThe first reason is for those who go into their dentist’s office more times in the year than they visit a physician. People tend to go to dentists on a more common basis to maintain the integrity of their teeth and make sure their teeth are white, while also neglecting to go into the physicians unless they are sick. Dentists, then, are in a great position to be able to spot potential health problems including high blood pressure and alert the family physician before it gets out of hand.

By actually screening for high blood pressure in the dentist’s office, the first reason leads naturally to the second: it can prevent major problems with hypertension. Hypertension can, in the long run, lead to massive heart events that can threaten the life of the individual patient. By remembering to care for the entire body, dentists can ensure that the heart is as healthy as the teeth and gums by taking heart pressure and including it in the patient’s file. For any doctor that will potentially treat the patient in the future, dentists can prevent major issues in the future.

Finally, a third reason that blood pressure should and will be taken at the dentist’s office is more psychological than anything. With the dentist showing that they are willing and care enough to treat not just the teeth but the whole body, the patient will trust the dentist that they care about their well-being.

While these are some major reasons that dentists should be routinely checking blood pressure, the above are the major reason. Each trip to the dentist’s office can be a stressful period, and oftentimes the risk to the heart can be overwhelming for patients. Each time the patient is in the dentist’s office and the blood pressure is taken, it further shows how the teeth, gums, and mouth are intimately tied to the health of the overall body.

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