Dental Implants Give You a Reason to Smile

What a Beautiful Smile Will Do

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Smiling and the world smiles with you, is a lot easier to do when your smile is something you want the whole world to see. Did you know studies have shown that more than 30% of people smile more than 20 times a day while less than 14% of people smile less than 5 times a day? Part of the reason for this is that people who smile more usually feel good about the look of their teeth while those who smile less feel the need to hide missing or damaged teeth.  

The good news is, covering your mouth, to hide missing or damaged teeth have fast become a thing of the past. With new dental implants, you will look for opportunities to show off one of your greatest assets. 

How Dental Implants Will Give You a Better Smile

At Dr. Jack Nagrani Dentistry, we have assisted countless people who seek to have their confidence grow by having a smile they can be proud of. Equally as satisfying as their new, impressive look is the stronger bite that comes with this amazing treatment.   

Some of the reasons why dental implants will make you smile better are: 

  • implants fit better
  • your replacement teeth will stay in place without the use of adhesive 
  • slippage and/or noises are eliminated
  • no more cavities or decaying teeth 
  • your new naturally colored teeth will look completely real  
  • your better look will generate more confidence
  • better fitting teeth create more confidence 
  • your speech will be clearer 
  • your oral health will improve 
  • your teeth will be stronger 

What is the Dental Implant Process

Implants are placed into the jawbone where they fuse with the bone over a period of a few months. Because the dental implant acts like the root of a tooth, your new artificial tooth will hold securely in place. Because implants are able to stand on their own, similar to a real tooth, they do not affect any other teeth. Most implants are made of titanium, an alloy that is easily accepted by our body, raising the success rate of dental implants to 98%.

Typically, heavy smokers, those with uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease, steroid therapy, bone infections, as well as those who have had radiation therapy in the head or neck area need to be evaluated to see if implants are their best option. 

To be a good candidate for dental implants, you must have:

  • one or more missing teeth
  • healthy bone and gum tissue
  • the inability to wear a traditional denture or bridge

For the highest quality in dental implant care, make sure to use only a highly successful, experienced dentist who is skilled in the type of sterile, exact, and comfortable surgical procedure required for a successful tooth implant. 

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