Cost of Dental Laser Treatment And Its Procedure

Dental laser treatment is among the solutions that have made it easier to deal with oral problems. Today, dental lasers provide safe, quick, and reliable treatments for over 20 dental procedures.

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While it is no secret that laser treatment is excellent for solving dental problems, not as many dentists use it in Hanford, Ca, and other parts of the country. The main reason why this treatment is not as widely used is that not many dentists know how to use this technology in the first place. Used in the wrong wavelength, the laser can damage the same cells it is supposed to treat. Fortunately, some dentists have perfected the use of laser treatment in treating dental conditions. There is also the belief that lasers are expensive and beyond the reach of many. Is this true?

Well, dental laser cost may be a bit on the higher side, but the fact that it makes treatment more effective and faster makes it much cheaper in the long run. Below we look at dental laser treatment in detail. We will go over the cost and get this treatment if you are in or around Hanford, California.

What is involved in Laser Dentistry?

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Laser means Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser instrument creates energy in a narrow and focused bean on shaping and removing tissue. Laser treatment is used in different ways to treat teeth problems and gum disease. The wavelengths used also differ depending on the dental problem involved.

A dental laser acts as a scalpel that vaporizes the soft tissue around the operation site in surgery. Experienced dental surgeons also use it to remove lesions in the mouth or when performing biopsies. 

All the dental procedures that can be performed using lasers are classified into soft tissue and hard tissue procedures.

Soft Tissue Procedures

This covers everything to do with the gums, throat, and tongue. Some of the soft tissue areas and conditions treatable using laser include:

  • Gummy Smile. A dentist will use lasers to reshape gum tissue and ensure that it covers the teeth adequately.
  • Crown lengthening procedure that reshapes the gum bone and tissue for healthier teeth. 
  • Treatment of tongue frenulum attachment using laser frenectomy. It is easy to loosen a tight and thick frenulum with a laser that may cause speech impediments and difficulty in breastfeeding in babies.
  • Removal of soft tissue folds from dentures that are wrongly fitted without sutures or pain.

Hard Tissue Procedures

This covers all procedures that touch the teeth. Lasers are used for cavity detection, so there is no need for x rays. If there is evidence of tooth decay, the dentist can take preventative measures to avoid cavities in the future.

Dentists also use lasers for dental fillings and tooth preparations. There is no need for traditional drills and local anesthesia; hence, there is minimal anxiety. The laser kills the bacteria inside the cavity in a matter of seconds.

Lasers also help in treating tooth sensitivity. Whether you are sensitive to hot or cold things, dental lasers will seal all the tubules at the root of your teeth, so you no longer have to suffer the pain and discomfort that comes with tooth sensitivity.

More procedures

Other procedures where the laser can be used include:

  • Optical coherence tomography allows the dentist to see inside gum tissue easily and the teeth
  • Removal of benign tumors in the palate, lips, cheeks, and gums
  • The laser can be used to reshape the throat and cure obstructive sleep apnea, tissue overgrowth inside the throat, and breathing problems
  • The laser can be used for nerve regeneration in blood vessels and scars
  • Treatment of cold sores to minimize pain and healing time
  • Teeth whitening to quicken the bleaching process

Side Effects and Post-treatment Care

When done right, laser treatment comes with minimal if any side effects. Since the focus is on the problem area, there will be minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. If anesthesia is used together with laser treatment, you may experience some side effects. These are caused by anesthesia and have nothing to do with lasers.

In the hands of an inexperienced dentist, the laser may damage tissues around the procedure area. It would be best if you only relied on a dentist who is an expert on all things laser. Since there is minimal bleeding or cutting during laser treatment, there isn’t much you have to do in post-treatment care. However, you should follow your dentist’s instructions on dental care after treatment.  

Cost of Dental Laser Treatment in Hanford, Ca

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From the list above, it is clear that laser treatment can treat different dental conditions. The price for these treatments vary. Some of the factors affecting dental laser cost include laser equipment used, the procedure, and the facility or dentist performing the procedure. However, when put against non-laser treatments, the laser ones may be slightly less expensive. Since laser works faster, requires fewer sessions and is less intrusive, it may be cheaper in the long run.

If you have insurance, your insurance provider will reimburse your dental costs based on the treatment given and not the method used. You will likely be compensated the same amount you would have been refunded if you endured all the drilling and painful non-laser procedures.

However, check what your policy states on dental procedures beforehand to be on the safe side. If you are in Hanford, Dr. Jack Nagrani Dental Office is an excellent choice to try Dental Laser Treatment. Dr.Jack Nagrani, the dentist in this institution, is more of a technophile who has invested heavily in modern equipment and the latest technologies.

Dr. Jack Nagrani Dental Office offers world-class services to its patients and ensures that all their dental needs are taken care of under one roof. There is no dental problem that the team here cannot handle, and patient care is exceptional. 

Reach out to their team if you have a dental problem that is giving you sleepless nights. You should also visit them at 112 W Ivy St, Hanford, California 93230 if you want to try efficient and painless dental laser treatment.

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